Wildlife Control

Expert Wildlife Control Services For San Antonio, TX 

Have you heard scratching in your walls at home or seen mouse droppings at your work? You may have rodents in your home. Now don’t panic, and make sure you call us here at GPM for wildlife control services. Serving the San Antonio, TX area, we specialize in rodent control and can safely remove live animals and relocate them to a much more suitable place. At Gruene Pest Management, LLC, we believe in humane wildlife control because we are animal lovers! We do not provide live animal removal for rats or mice. These pest are caught with snap traps and die. We do live animal removal for all other rodents.

Just because you don’t want squirrels in your home, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to find a more appropriate home. So once we take them off your property we will make sure they find a new home elsewhere! This way they won’t come right back to your property.

Gruene Pest Management, LLC Provides Dead Animal Removal 

Sadly, some animals will make their way into your home, get stuck, and end up dying. That is why we also offer dead animal removal services for raccoons, skunks, snakes, moles, bats, and more.

So give us a call and we will come inspect your home, attic, and chimney to identify if you have a rodent problem or not and then come up with a plan of action to remove them through our wildlife control services.

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